ClearSCAN Interactive

Using our dynamic Interactive Query System (IQSTM )
sensing technology, ClearHealth’s Professional Wellness
Coach can securely unlock details about your
individualized health needs.

ClearSCAN Interactive

The journey to “Optimal Wellness” begins by asking your body.

ClearScan Interactive for Health Coach

Health Coach Business Service

The Interactive Query System and companion ClearHealth IQS Wellness Coach Program are for existing health practitioners that want to expand their business or for caring people that want to be trained to deliver wellness services to their communities while creating a business.


Communicating with the Body

The IQSTM Technology has been created to improve communication between our conscious intelligence and the aspect of intelligence that governs and maintains our body, our subconscious intelligence.

The IQSTM uses an extensive database, a proprietary computer language processor and a custom electronic interface to communicate directly with the body.

It provides access to a person’s own intrinsic ability to know and to respond to a series of electronically transmitted digital queries by monitoring changes in the skin’s conductivity to record and interpret a response. We call this process Electro-Dermal Dialogue.


Language is a means of focusing our attention

Does the body have a language? Can it talk to you and tell you what it's wellness needs are? Can it answer your questions? Can it tell you what it likes and does not like? Can it tell you what it needs to be more healthy?

H. Roy Curtin, PhD has created and refined a language to talk to the body, to ask it questions and to receive a response. The current IQS™ is the latest development in a 40-year evolution of the science and art of computer-based Interactive Bio-Feedback and Directed Attention Therapy created by Dr. Curtin.

This process is facilitated by a Wellness Coach who takes one through an “inner-view” using a digital Query language and elector-dermal response to establish an interactive dialogue.


Time and Cost Effective

The ClearSCAN Interactive can significantly reduce the time and cost to effective care. Whereas, selecting pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, herbs or dietary supplements through professional knowledge is often an iterative process of “clinical trial and error” with each trial taking days, weeks or months to determine the right choice at the right dose.

The IQS TM employs a process of Electro-Dermal-Dialogue to conduct a 2-second evaluation of the benefit or intolerance of a prospective substance and another few seconds to determine the prospective substance’s best dose. The potential value or intolerance to a list of 300 substances such as foods or chemicals may be done in about 10 minutes. A few additional measurements can indicate an optimal dose for a selected item.

Going through months of trial and error for a depressed person can be agonizing, especially when various substances could be tested quickly for their efficacy.


ClearHealth IQS Wellness
Coach Program

The ClearHealth IQS Wellness Coach Program is for those big hearted people that want to help clients on their path to optimal health using the tools of advanced technology and sound science. This is a business opportunity for existing wellness practitioners that want to expand their business or for those that want to learn the healing art of interactive biofeedback.

The IQS Wellness Coach Program is the training, certification and support program that goes with the purchase of ClearSCAN Interactive.

Not only will you benefit from the online training and certification process which will have you up and running with the basic skills that you need, you will also have access to webinars from ClearHealth.


Mastermind Groups

As a member of the IQS Wellness Coach Program, you will be invited to participate in structured Mastermind groups consisting of many other Coaches from across the country and world. Ideas on dealing with specific wellness issues or on business development methods can be shared or gleaned from these groups.


Do it your way!

The IQS Wellness Coach Program has many certification levels and options. You can choose from a variety of disciplines. Or select several and get certified in many. You can follow your passion. Given the non-invasive nature of the IQS system and it’s broad applicability, you can focus on children, adults or the elderly. Create the practice that will give you satisfaction and rewards.

  • Allergies
  • Chronic Pain
  • ADD or ADHD
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Reproduction
  • Unknown Issues
  • General Practitioner
  • Digestion
  • Covid Care
  • Mental Focus & Learning

What is the potential earning

Sessions/day 4 7 8 12
Sessions/month 64 140 193 290
# of Assistants 0 0 1 2
Coach Hrs per Week 20 35 28 35
Fee per Session $100 $100 $120 $120
Annual Clear Expenses $5,390 $5,390 $5,390 $5,390

36 month amortization on IQS + monthly fee

Coming Soon

Why join the journey now?

The first 100 pre-release purchasers of the ClearSCAN Interactive Program will form the “Founders Club 100”. Though you may trod an uneven path at times, there are many advantages of being on the forefront of the evolving technology and program.

These include:

  • Substantial pre-release discounts
  • Grandfathered subscription rates
  • Opportunities to join our “Beta” test or early release group for new updates
  • Direct input into product directions
  • Substantial hands on training
  • Marketing assistance and lead flow

Join us as a pioneer, the view from the top will
be fabulous.


ClearSCAN Interactive Annual Package

Full Interactive Query System (IQSTM) For Wellness Coach Practitioners
IQS Features:
  • 40 yrs in development
  • Q-Port Interactive Devices
  • Electro-Dermal-Dialog Software
  • Start-up kit and user manual
  • Includes HP Laptop

ClearHealth IQS Wellness
Coach Program

IQS Health Coaching Features:
  • Online Skills Training
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Certification Programs
  • Client Online Report Support
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Wellness Coach Webinars
  • Software & Library Updates
  • Directory Services


ClearSCAN Interactive Electro-Dermal Dialogue process is not intended to diagnosis, treat, heal, or otherwise directly impact any health, wellness, medical, or other related conditions. While our interactive query procedures are based on evolving principles of the science of human biofeedback which have undergone significant testing and validation, the process is educational in nature.

Our intention is to help you increase awareness of your personal Health
and empower you to make smarter lifestyle choices!

Notice: “The information contained in this website ( is intended for private members of the ClearHealth PMA or those who would like to become a private member to participate in ClearHealth Research Studies."