ClearSCAN Remote

The journey of self health discovery …
begins by asking your body.


Remote Frequency Scan (2,500+ Health Markers)

All major body systems
chemistry markers.

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ClearSCAN Remote

ClearSCAN Remote provides valuable insights into the “tuned” status of your 14 bodily systems. Are they in a balanced state (homeostasis) or are they “out of tune”? Are they under functioning or are they overactive or inflamed? ClearSCAN Remote will scan over 2,500 health markers and compile the results by organ, subsystem and system .

Remember, all of your data is secured on a decentralized blockchain-like architecture. Anonymous use of your data is only permitted with your authorization.


ClearSCAN Remote

Using our advanced ClearSCAN Remote frequency technologies, we can remotely scan over 2,500 health markers in the various systems of your body via principles of Quantum Physics.

ClearSCAN Remote scans all the systems of the body to get an overall view of how your body is functioning. What does “remote” mean? Our system scans your collected DNA. Based on the Quantum Physics principle of Quantum Entanglement and your DNA’s Quantum antennae, our system talks to your body via frequencies. And your body tells us how it is doing. Spooky? Yes. Real? Yes.

The human body is complicated. But intelligent. We are only beginning to understand how intelligent. It is now clear that cells, tissues, organs and body systems interact with and communicate with each other continuously and in real time. Even your DNA outside your body.

ClearSCAN Remote is based on years of scientific research in two fields:
Quantum Physics


Every living and non-living entity has a unique

frequency signature

to which it responds.




Hundreds of thousands of Frequency Signatures have been cataloged.


ClearSCAN Remote uses these frequencies to communicate with the various elements of the body.


Organs, Tissues, Nerves, Arteries,
Blood Chemistry


Toxins, Bacteria, VIRUSES, Heavy Metals, Parasites


Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids,
Fatty Acids, Supplements

Quantum Entanglement


In Quantum physics, entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances.

Remote Scanning Process

Specific frequency queries are modulated into samples of your DNA. These queries are about the health status of various elements of your body. These questions are transported by your DNA to your subconscious via Quantum Entanglement wherever you happen to be in the world. A response is returned indicating if those elements are OK, stressed or underfunctioning.











These responses are stored and tabulated into various reports aligned with the systems of the body providing an in-depth look into the wellness status of these bodily systems. These informational insights lead to personalized recommendations to improve your overall health.

Report Examples

Organs and Tissues Reports

  • A full body score. All health markers are summarized into a total score
  • 7 Paired Body Systems Scores.
    • Respiratory/Circulatory
    • Digestive/Excretory
    • Endocrine/Reproductive
    • Immune/Lymphatic
    • Brain/Nervous
    • Muscular/Skeletal
    • Integumentary/Exocrine
  • 72 Categories inside of these systems
  • 2,500 total health markers
  • All levels can show comparisons between scan dates.

Total Bodily Systems Scores

  • Normal
  • Diminished
  • Inflamed
  • Brain/Nervous | 2020-10-07
    • 74.84%
    • 12.06%
    • 11.07%
  • Brain/Nervous | 2021-06-11
    • 82.96%
    • 8.19%
    • 8.82%
  • Digestive/Excretory | 2020-10-07
    • 74%
    • 11.07%
    • 14.89%
  • Digestive/Excretory | 2021-06-11
    • 82.67%
    • 10.18%
    • 7.12%
  • Endocrine/Reproductive | 2020-10-07
    • 79.99%
    • 7.13%
    • 12.85%
  • Endocrine/Reproductive | 2021-06-11
    • 84.75%
    • 5.7%
    • 9.51%
  • Heart/Circulatory | 2020-10-07
    • 76.22%
    • 13.36%
    • 10.39%
  • Heart/Circulatory | 2021-06-11
    • 81.02%
    • 8.68%
    • 10.28%
  • Lymphatic/Immune | 2020-10-07
    • 80.42%
    • 6.37%
    • 13.18%
  • Lymphatic/Immune | 2021-06-11
    • 84.25%
    • 8.93%
    • 6.8%
  • Muscular/Skeletal | 2020-10-07
    • 76.34%
    • 12.96%
    • 10.67%
  • Muscular/Skeletal | 2021-06-11
    • 82.55%
    • 8.03%
    • 9.4%
  • Respiratory/Integumentary | 2020-10-07
    • 80.84%
    • 8.72%
    • 10.41%
  • Respiratory/Integumentary | 2021-06-11
    • 77.17%
    • 12.1%
    • 10.69%

Pre-release Special Pricing

Pre-release pricing is only available until the launch of the ClearSCAN Remote service after which it will cost $180 each or $60/month for 3 months.


ClearSCAN Remote Annual Package

Track trends with one scan per quarter.

$399 $720

SAVE $321.00 (45% off)


  • Two Reports from each scan
  • Scans 2,500+ markers
  • Organs Report
  • Full Body Scores
  • Blood Chemistry Report
  • Drill Down to Details
  • Compares multiple dates
  • DNA Collection Kit included

Similar Scans cost $300 - $500 each


ClearSCAN Remote scans and reports are not intended to diagnose, treat, heal, or otherwise directly impact any health, wellness, medical, or other related conditions. While our scanning procedures are based on evolving principles of Quantum Physics which have undergone significant testing and validation, the reports are educational in nature.Our intention is to help you increase awareness of your personal biology and empower you to make smarter lifestyle choices.

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